Breathtaking views, and outdoor sports in a secret corner

There is the smell of the sea, or at least it does remember the sound of water and a park somewhere. And ‘the East River promenade. A long course along the river on one side and the other traffic. Start at 59th Street and York Avenue, which is the road to the east of Manhattan and continues further north, up in Harlem.
It ‘a perfect way to admire the moon at night or during the evening and find a little’ peace of mind and breath in a city that sometimes it takes your breath away, to make a run early in the morning and feel like a New Yorker, or to go cycling.

Dogs are welcome in many parts of the road there are small parquet fenced dedicated to dogs that can play together. Sometimes there are some dogs dog sitter that group and make them fun by offering their owners ‘group lessons’.
For those who want to sit, drink, do not worry get in the shade. The route is equipped with fountains, benches and there are few trees here and there. He arrives at the 75th street in 15 minutes where there is a staircase above which opens a wide road, the elevated freeway that joins in some places the route on foot.
Then the noises disappear and you will find a park with a perfect up and down to do some ‘exercise. The route is frequented by 6.30 in the morning, especially from professionals who have the time for the race are in that hour of the day. But athletes, cyclists and people living near you go to this corner allowed the machines even during the time of day.
For those who stop to look at the landscape, beyond the river is Roosevelt Island, the island closest to Manhattan, but inhabited by several small apartment buildings and skyscrapers. One can observe that the Queensboro Bridge connects the city to Queens and the cable which connects Roosevelt Island and arrives in Manhattan.
Often we see rich and modern yachts and boats that cross the river. And, if you have a little ‘luck and you look beyond your nose while running concentrated listening to the ipod, you can see something more … for example a boat of pirates.
This happened because one morning about a week ago walking on the river east of the city. A very old aircraft, and an original antiques, walked at a moderate speed across the river. On board, not the pirates but Ventia passenger admiring the view and photographed as people beyond the river greeted. Numerous Yatch that have surrounded the boat and take a look closely and prevented all improvised photographers to take a photo of the aircraft without their presence.

East river, amazing view East river per fare attività fisica attività canina nell'east river

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