Eating healthy without spending too much. The American supermarket

It only offers things ‘organic’ – from bread to cereal to fresh fruit, milk of almonds to sushi and sashimi with rice – and dining area where ad hoc babysitter with children and financial professionals consume their meals. It ‘a chain of supermarkets to Whole Foods and The Food Emporium, which attracts mainly because the upper class New Yorker with more disposable income. The cost of fruits and vegetables can also be double the price demanded by a normal Deli – a small store that contains various food open 24 hours on 24.

Many of these types are distributed to supermarkets in the U.S. and in Manhattan. In fact there is one city area to the exclusion of the Upper East Side – the right area of ​​Central Park – where it opens in 2012.
The products are organic and sell selected, marked, ‘told’ with a label that describes the origin and specify the word ‘organic’. The watchword here is ‘healthy eating’.
Accessible to most people and sometimes good alternative solution is instead the self-service within these structures. Useful for a lunch or a quick dinner. Strategic choice for those who work or want to relax by walking tourist because in addition to choosing organic is also a dining area where you can sit comfortably.
There is only dascegliere: vegetables, hot dishes, pasta, sweets. And you can help by filling a cardboard box or a bowl of colored plastic. Or, on the sides of the self-service is a deli with endless pizzas at the time, sushi, chicken, meat, pasta and side dishes.
Once you choose what to eat, you enter the queue to pay at the cash. A tail to infinite time especially if you choose Whole Foods during the hours of lunch and dinner.
The prices of the food self-service vary depending on the amount. A mixed salad, if you fill the ‘box’ can cost around 10-15 dollars, about $ 15 a paste, a cake around $ 5 considering moderate portions.
The dining area is equipped with cutlery, salt, pepper, napkins and prepared for recycling.
Chairs, stools, chairs, tables, tall and small, round and square, are available to be able to eat your meal, and offer the opportunity to take a look internet with your laptop, finish work and order a milkshake or a coffee. It ‘a work space for professionals, a play area for children, a meeting place for the baby-sitter, a meeting place for young kids and sometimes a board meeting for anyone who shares business.
It can be a happy haven for the Italian tourist who wants to avoid foods with sauces or salad dressings and calories, and food is also recognized as typically American – if it exists the category.

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