Halloween night in the West Village of Big Apple

It is a day with a Catholic meaning to Halloween, but an experience for those who want to try to discover America. Parties and birthday parties are to be found everywhere, but that should not be missed is the parade in the West Village.
that begins and ends at Spring Street, perhaps two miles ahead.

It does not take much to join, just a costume, and even improvised a lot of patience. There is a long wait before taking off, it is compressed into a crowd in between the hurdles that the police take a careful look. Why it is not recommended for children to participate.
Once you open the paths gives rise to a real show. Not only at Halloween parades, is recited. The costume is precisely interpreted and reported. Forrest Gump with long hair, unkempt beard and shoes adidas, running along the paths, greeting the people beyond the barriers, firefighters pretend to be active in saving someone, mimes mimic, pretend to go to the doctors the nurses. Looking at some form you can not restrain a laugh and recognize the creativity with which developed the costume and played the character. A boy dressed as a doctor for example, shouting: ‘Economy is dying’ carrying a bed with other boys dressed as doctor. Even a man dressed as a feminine towel that paying women dicena: ‘You need me, I saved you so many times!’, Has attracted the attention of several women.
Someone really thinking wearing costumes to wear a fake theater covered the head of a man and a fake tree rested on the shoulders of another.

My costume was a simple and unpretentious. Taking advantage of a magnificent gold mesh taken from India, it took a queue and a pashmina hair and the red symbol on the forehead to be dressed. Also the easy costume of my girlfriend Valentina, a purple wig, bob taken by Ricky (a chain of shops equipped for Halloween), a long black dress and a pearl necklace, and here is the costume ‘Frenchie’.

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