Interview with Yoko Ono. Throw in New York City # smilesfilm

A dream come true. He tells Yoko Ono in her art studio on Broome Street in Soho, restaurants and shopping area of ​​the Big Apple. A corner of America where the artist, wife of the beloved John Lennon think of how to get better the world.
Yoko Ono in 1967 had a definite project in mind: to ensure that all people could smile.

Smiling to the pain, laugh at penis, smile at the darkest moments. The technology has not allowed the time to create an art project that concrete could be shared by the whole world.
Today, thanks to the use of Iphones / iPads, the wife of John Lennon has made smilefilm #, a ‘film’ that collects the smiles from all over the world with a click and the players are not great actors but ordinary people.
The work was recently exhibited in London’s Serpentine Gallery – Contemporary art gallery located in Kensington Gardens – London 2012 for the festival, exhibition which ends on September 12 this year. The ‘film’ is also visible on
To join, takes just a few steps. Just download a photo of ourselves while we smile with Instagram or Twitter. Add # smilesfilm, and also choose the location where your smile is captured and behold the smile will appear in the ‘map’ of the smiley online.
Or, if you are in London for the Olympics, you can stop at the Serpentine Gallery and get a photo shoot in the same gallery where you can see projected on a big ‘photo booth’ specially set up for the show.
Yoko Ono has collected with this movie in the world around 10.000 smiles on ‘happiness map’ instead and almost 600 were immortalized in the Serpentine Gallery. And growing every day.
In site # smilesfilm was in fact drawn a world map where clicking on different states we can see the smiles of all those who have wanted to be part of the film prevents this: the captivating smile of a child from South Africa to the expression of a happy old woman from the Midwest . From the happy little face of a Russian girl with glasses in blue smile of a mother who takes pictures to the gallery in London happy to be an actress for a day.
“If the whole world began to smile – said Ono – I’m sure something wonderful will happen. Maybe the world would be better. ”
And ‘it with a smile that Yoko Ono has found the strength to overcome the grief over the death of her husband. He noticed one day looking in the mirror trying to smile and you tried so convincing you would feel better and so it happened.
YoKo Ono moglie di John Lennon Yoko Ono e Marina Carminati per una intervista a New York Yoko Ono mogie di John Lennon a New York per #smilesfilm

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