An iPhone on wine. It ‘sold in New York!

In Manhattan we read at the table, but of wine. Tony May, an Italian-American restaurant owner invented the smartcellar, an iPhone with all the info on wines for sale. The offers to the customers at his restaurant on Twenty-sixth street SD26 East Side of Manhattan. The wines run the display of a device that resembles a IPhO-tion, the rectangular shape and color. It has a high definition digital screen and is easy to use even for computer newbies can use it as a play.
According to Stephen Millions, dell’SD26 marketing manager and oenologist – the handheld device called “Smartcellar” contains more than 1000 ethylene-bels ranging from 34 to $ 3,400. The basic instrument, designed by “Incentien” in New York, was then designed and built by Tony May with the help of millions.

Together they have considered the needs of consumers who often must rely on the suggestion of the waiter or does not have proper tools to follow their own tastes. With the Smartcellar you can choose from the categories of red, white, dessert, ‘dry sparkling’ and rosé, and get information on the body, on the preciousness and the cost of wine. Not only. The Smartcellar also reveals other information to the consumer:
what is the vineyard of origin, manufacturer name, the characteristics of the wine region, the region of origin with both a map and explanation of the historical place. Each “page” is ta-correlation of images from which you can see, for example, the color of the wine, the barrels-glia, or the production company. “This touch screen,” says sommelier Eric dell’SD26 Mccall, “is connected to a large central computer, which can be continually When updating. An operation that we do this every two to three hours after finishing a wine we eliminate it from the PC connected to the 20 Smarcellar, allowing you to view the customer on the small screen what the restaurant has available to him. ” The New Yorker restaurant that combines technology with tradition. While the customer is sitting at the table and explore the wines of the iPhone in his possession, may the observed Vare butcher slicing ham with a pro-Berkel ’40s delicatessen located in the side of the room, prepare your own meals or see in the open kitchen-ta. “Throughout my carrie-ra,” said Tony May, “I always looked back at the future and have always been open to rea-lizzare my team projects. The wine list mail, delicatessen products divided by the menu and not have to bring some of the no-activity presented for the first time on the American landscape. ”

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