Blizzard 2015: New York shuts down

From Philadelphia to Boston along the northeastern corridor, millions rushed home as a winter storm approached with potential blizzard conditions and 2 – to 3 feet of snowfall.
Forecasters predicted the brunt of the storm would hit from late Monday night to early Tuesday morning.

The last time New York City experienced snowfall of this level in was in February 2006; 26.9 inches of snow fell and paralyzed the city. Mayor Bill de Blasio warned that this storm could be even worse.
In a city of 8 million people and 6 thousand miles of street, to try to stay ahead of history, it would take an army of 2300 snowplows and salt trucks to keep the roads clear.
The president of the Sanitation Workers’ Union yesterday afternoon said – “We have to try to avoid the nightmare from last winter when over 10 inches of snow paralyzed part of the city, but this time trucks are already deployed and 6,400 drivers will put in 15-hour shifts.”
All non-emergency drivers were ordered off the streets at 11pm on Monday night. Ambulances have been increased by 40% and the fire department has added 500 hundred additional staff.

As the snow got heavier and heavier in the evening, people were warned to go home and avoid going out for any reason.
During the afternoon, lines at many Manhattan groceries where out the door. Shelves were almost completely empty at 5pm. “It is better to be safe and have the food you need” – a young professional said in midtown.
More than 7,700 flights in and out of the East coast were canceled. Businesses, government offices and public schools where all closed early. For the 10th time in the last 50 years schools closed.
The New York’s governor also activated the National Guard.

“This will most likely be one of the largest blizzards in the history of New York City” Mayor Bill de Blasio warned. Monday afternoon. He urged New Yorkers to go home adding: “People have to make smart decisions from this point on. New York City’s subway and buses will suspend service at 11pm. You can’t underestimate this storm, it is not a typical storm, it is going to pack a real punch”.

And for the first time in many years NY fell asleep.

A city that suddenly was without any yellow cabs, trains- or buses, “the city of singles”, was dark and empty and people didn’t have anything to do… No exhibitions, no events, no restaurants, no dating… They could exceptionally enjoy the silence and the noise of snowplows and salt trucks. Some decided to find an alternative to thaw silence and loneliness by going online and writing a few adds on Craigslist, looking for some companionship. “I am a single 29 year old male living in Wall Street and I don’t want to spend time during the Blizzard alone”. One of the many messages said. ‘I can come over with boxes of food and waffles and wine if you invite me, Someone else said…
Someone else said…
The night passed by without any accident and new Yorkers diligently listened to the news and stayed in. Maybe with some “-new friends-.”

The big apple completely covered with snow, started living again the 27th of January morning.
It was supposed to be the storm of the century, a blizzard like no other that would dump three feet of snow on New York City and shut the Big Apple down for days.
Instead, New Yorkers awoke Tuesday to several inches of snow on the ground. Roads were mostly clear and the only headache was the problem with the transportation. A few of them decided to go to work skiing.
Some of the meteorologists apologized for predicting it could be the storm of the century.
NY is alive again.

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