On July 4 in New York? Parades, fireworks and hot dogs artifico a go go

Happy Birthday Happy Birthday America and New York! Every July 4th we celebrate Independence Day, the day came the declaration of independence from England as far back as July 4, 1776. And ‘the birthday party of the United States and this year we celebrate 236 years of the country and a day and tourists can be immemorial due to festivals, events and fireworks over the Hudson River to admire. All at no cost.

Event in NYC there are so many, before witnessing the race between the hot dog eaters to watch the beautiful fireworks on the Hudson, west of the city. From 1916 to today because twenty intrepid eaters hot dogs will compete each year to eat as many sandwiches in 10 minutes, someone in the story has also reached the 60 hot dogs. The competition, held at Coney Island, Brooklyn South and begins at noon. It ‘better to equip themselves with hats, sunglasses and sunscreen, and then to the limit after the’ show ‘you can take a dip in the sea.
In theaters, including the unforgettable Lincoln Center are always great shows and one of the most diverse, including concerts.
The day of July 4 in New York concludes with an unmissable party organized by Macy’s, the largest stock of the world that other shows with themed costumes, bears also expected more fireworks from New York. There are 44,000 fires, which are usually launched the Hudson river, always start at around 21:20, and color the sky over NYC for almost half an hour.
To go to the show’s advice is to be located along 11th Avenue between 59th Street and 14th Street. Or, you can make a jump across the river in New Jersey by taking a ferry or train and enjoy the spectacle of fireworks add to the magic also the backdrop of the Manhattan skyline.
New Yorkers celebrate this festival that offers a break from work, organizing barbecues and picnics in various parks of the city. Even the streets of New York, are festively decorated with balloons, banners, flags and decorations white, red and blue hung a little ‘everywhere.
Certainly no shortage of stars and stripes flags on display a bit ‘anywhere in the city: at the entrances of offices, from the windows of apartment buildings, shops and even on the machines. The same as those found during the year because you know the patriotic Americans and is just for July 4th that express this sentiment even more.






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