Rockefeller Plaza Christmas tree waiting for the 2011

Many wait for the lighting of the Christmas each year is brought to Rockefeller Plaza – intersection of Fiftieth Street and Fifth Avenue – to be ‘dressed’, embellished, colored and then worshiped.
They come from different states to flock to the event’s most successful year yet shorter. Waiting for hours by the lucky people who can take between the hurdles of the square in the afternoon, is rewarded by a special effect that lasts a few seconds. The decorated tree, but devoid of light is access suddenly, from bottom to top.

The Big Apple is already in fervor and passers-by observe and photograph the scaffolding around the tree and the work began a few days of surgery.
Someone to play this game color system is already in the square of the Fifth Avenue early in the morning to assist at power that will be November 30 at about 21.
Few places are available where ‘camp during the day to get a good view’. For most of the square is heavily fenced and monitored throughout the day. We create revenue where only temporary workers in the area and who has purchased a ticket to New York to attend the event can go.
The controls to enter the square are numerous. Needless to seek or hope to slip through the barriers. In small areas, outside of the square, the surrounding streets, you can see the tree but the police shifts the loops so as to prevent the blocking of pedestrian traffic.
Someone not too interested in the event offers to sell the pass entrance to figures certainly not cheap, and trying to take advantage of tourists. Others are content to watch when you turn on the spectacular mountain of branches covered with about 5 miles of lights and Swarovski crystals with the point of live national television.
The opening of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree tradition is a beloved and respected as much as New Year and fireworks on July 4. And where it might be the tallest Christmas tree light, big and famous in America if not in the city records?

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