Saviano greets the University of New York City. Point your finger at corruption and dirty money

The applause and the curiosity of the Americans, Roberto Saviano has closed its experience as a teacher of seminars on ‘international crime’ at NYU University giving voice to the press conference: “Italy and the U.S.: two perspectives on the economic crisis” . Meeting also saw the presence of well-known economist Nouriel Roubini.
With the help of the interpreter Saviano thanked the University for not being afraid, afraid to invite, to

welcome him and to let him express freely. “The NYU – said the author of Gomorrah – has managed my time in the U.S. with great caution given the obvious difficulty that I live for 5 years now.” He recalled that his presence in the U.S. has been possible thanks to ‘Scholars at Risk’, a network of academic institutions who support the principles of freedom of thought and defending the rights of intellectuals who see in their home countries limited their freedom ‘key.
Once the credits, with the same excitement and a hint of shyness, Saviano has pointed the finger at “the excessive power of the banks, and their role in the management of funds from drug trafficking,” said the weight of the “immense flows of dirty money” and the weight that organized crime plays on society.
400 and 500 are among the billions of dollars each year in crime are laundered by U.S. banks, “but this” liquidity that comes from the mafia and the sound system fails. The financial system – has added the author – he lowered his guard and became infiltrated by criminals because capital now has the sole objective of earning at any cost. ”
Then came the attack on the Berlusconi government: “For the Italian situation – said Saviano – the markets are responsible, but an even greater responsibility the government has it, can I say fortunately, before.” He added: “The Berlusconi government has not prepared the country in any way to defend against this international crisis. Indeed until recently, were spread through the media security declarations. All lies. ”
During the conference, the economist Roubini, who has held various positions at the U.S. Treasury Department and has been on the staff of President Bill Clinton, said he fully agrees with the words of Saviano. He announced a possibility of more than 50% of a U.S. recession next year, a crisis that will visit China soon.
There has reserved some words of grace for the Italian economic system which he described as “flat” and the Berlusconi government that declares “corrupt and lacking in reform”. In particular he stressed that many young Italians who have ambitions, though they live in known ‘beautiful country’, “they just Decided to give up”, have lost hope of finding a job in Italy and decided to go abroad looking for a better situation.
Saviano has taken the word stating the need for change, especially in the Italian system, talking about nepotism and the known reality of the recommendation to get a job. He then explained how silence can destroy a country, a silence that must be stopped. The writer pointed out the power that individuals can have a force that can dismantle the corruption of a bank, a bribe to avoid, destroy the mentality of nepotism.
The meeting ended with some questions directed at Saviano and Roubini. In particular, the writer was asked: “Why did you choose NYC? and what he wants from NYC? “. “A friendly question – answered Saviano accarezzandozi head and making them laugh the auditorium. Teaching abroad is something that I loved to do and I’ll do. Here everything is different, is studied in different ways and this has given me the ability to search, examine and compare with students from other countries. From NY – continued – I’d like to have a normal life, and live more lightly than as they are forced into Italy. ”

parla saviano alla platea dell'NYU

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