The most famous Christmas tree in the world comes on November 30

The holiday season has officially opened its doors in New York last night with the lighting of the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Plaza 2011. Thousands of people rushed from all over the world to experience these few seconds of emotion: a tree devoid of light that suddenly shines.
The streets of NYC have been swamped at 3 in the afternoon. Hard to get close to the square of Christmas best-known of the Big Apple. Several people who do not miss the event you are placed with blankets, food

and water the night before the Nov. 30 for 24 hours in the cold waiting for the tree to take ‘life’. The police checks have been incessant and continuous for the duration of the event. Grants to a controlled, monitored offices. Also addressed in the safety of the surrounding buildings to make sure the lucky ones who were enjoying the show from the office overlooking Rockefeller Plaza does not open up the window.
The ceremony of the tree began at 7 pm and was broadcast by Channel 4, NBC, which has its headquarters in Rockefeller Plaza. The presenters of this channel have kept the audience elated and presented some important American singers who performed from the center of the square, where every year there is a small ice rink for the duration of winter. Among the singers have given their voices Neil Diamond, Cee Lo Green, Justin Bieber, and Tony Bennett. The rink also hosted the beautiful Rocketts at Radio City Hall.
The countdown has begun a few seconds before 9 o’clock, that time has made breathless someone and someone else yelling in amazement 30 000 of ignition lights on the Christmas tree in NYC 2011.
Even the U.S. president is not able to miss the most anticipated Christmas event in this American city. A series of motorcycles from the unbearable noise and endless line of cars have accompanied Obama on the streets of NYC, blocking traffic, but without causing too dismayed by the smiles and euphoria still hovering in this magical night.

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