A NYC protests bizarre. It remains motionless on the windshield of the car

A woman is lying on a machine, not dead, but does not seem to breathe, no sign of life nor the viewer observes walking down the street. It remains perfectly motionless.
This one of the only things that can happen in New York City.
Walking on first avenue and 61st street, the area known as Upper East Side, east of the Big Apple, we see a man sitting on a machine that looks at his phone and a woman of Asian appearance

hanging with hand and face covered by her hair, lying on his windshield and hood, just in front of his face.
A gruesome scene that attracts the attention of some people, only some, because this is New York – the city of people who are always rushed.
Three boys decide to stop and see what happens. The man in the car that showed indifference in spite of a human body lay on its hood, decides to get out of his car still does not show signs of concern.
The boys wondering what happened to the woman lying on her car and died. He says he does not know and pretending not to hear the other questions that boys face him.
Someone comes to the woman trying to figure out if it really is alive. The woman moves, you can not see nor breathe, and when the boys stopped already after 20 minutes.
They try to ask more questions to the man who begins to unbutton a little ‘feeling that the kids plan to call the police. He says that the woman you’re just being silly and are protesting in a fancy way against him. And ‘the lover, his wife, a girlfriend? Something does not and people start to think what kind of relationship there is between the two.
Four other people stop and someone called an ambulance.
The man approached his car while calmly continues to play with his phone and whispers to the woman lying: ‘Stop it, everyone is watching you’. Then he became reconciled to the people, make a sigh of relief and a little voice says ‘highest order to be heard from her:’ I am still waiting a few minutes and then port his belongings and her purse hanging from his hand to his home and I leave here. ‘
Someone suggested he pick her up or move it from there but he refuses. He says: ‘I do not want to touch. When a protest is over will rise by itself ‘. The small group of people who view gruesome scene waiting for the ambulance still wondering if the girl is really alive, not even shake hands.
Meanwhile the show continues. A man gets out of breath from the fire escape of a building near the parking lot of the car and asks, ‘I heard a roar from the eighth floor, I believe that someone has thrown out the window! She ‘? And ‘this lady? – Says the woman on the machine observing.
The people around hiding a smile-laugh refraining. The newcomer had not even noticed that the woman was fully clothed and there was no trace of blood or a broken machine.
The ambulance arrives and looks amazing but the woman ‘on strike’ does not respond even to nurses, or listens to them, or seems to breathe. You picked her up and carried away. It ‘lively, just good at acting.
The man protested against which observes the scene without moving a finger back into his car with the same calmness and indifference. He says the ambulance, ‘I do not know’.

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