The art of touching up the sky over Manhattan

Salt as light energy, but also courage, luck, love of neighbor and challenge of destiny. These are just some of the concepts expressed by the artist Bettina Werner, known as ‘the queen of salt’, in his latest collection of 25 years of artistic activity. “Salt Rises Above The Sky – 25 Years of Unique Salt Artworks”, an exhibition on display at the 49th floor of 7 World Trade Center City, in an area of ​​40.000 ‘square foot’ with a breathtaking view of 360 degrees of Manhattan. From Wall Street to the Statue of Liberty, the Hudson River, in Central Park. “They were the souls of 11 September to
call here “- Bettina Werner said during the inauguration of the exhibition. “From this height and in front of this view is felt incredible energy – for me this is a magical place full of positivity.”

Not by chance would create and perform in this space under the sky near the “Preserving with Salt The Eternal Light of Their Souls,” a tribute to the victims who lost their lives during the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001. The salt of this framework flows in places where plants protrude candles that reflect off the bright colors of the paintings. The work, not for a fortuitous choice, turns toward the window overlooking the city and not on the Great Zero, as if the souls were still strongly tied to the center of life.
Bettina Werner, Italian artist of Milan and American adoption has built his career on the international playing and living rooms as a metaphor for good luck, wisdom, and knowledge, creating works that are at the same time paintings, sculptures and environmental installations. The representation of the ‘V factor’ has led to only 24 years in New York, enjoying success among the largest art galleries in Manhattan.
The artist creates his art with the use of colored salt, giving particular weight to the work surface and conveying the idea of ​​movement, energy, and passion. 4 are the textures of salt that Werner used: up, more consistent and large grains.
Sometimes it produces pictures with 4 ‘statment’ together, from the darkest to the lightest, colors that create the framework where it rests on the surface, a reflection of light thin but lively, as if the work had an aura. In particular in the “In love with Selene,” the goddess of the moon, a tribute to the passion, the love that the artist has for the moon. And in the “Millenium Collection”, a collection of gold and silver and copper.
“My art – says Werner-expressed with a warm minimalism, because salt is a carrier of energy. When I paint energetically within the framework creating a play of shadow, empty and full emphasized the nuances of color, taking inspiration from various philosophies of life. ”

A concept easily acquired if you look la’Chakra Art Collection ‘inspired by the 7 energy centers, or the 7 parts of the body according to the philosophy of Yoga correspond to different human organs. The vitality is released from the reservoir if the energy can flow freely along the 7 energy points. Concept that expresses the artist in the painting “Kundalini Energy” we see a kind of snake is coiled up to free up.
To continue with the series of paintings “Never Mind”, a concept easy to say, very difficult to internalize. “Often, to find peace and serenity – Bettina said – we need
to think that it is better to leave things as they go, without worrying too much about what will happen in the future. ” These paintings are made in different colors, from gold, which represents the world of finance and money, to pink, which evokes the thought of women.
The exhibition continues with the collection “102 Dalmatians” inspired by the beloved Dalmatian artist, Tibino. One of his inspiration that led her to create several works including “Tibino in the Blue Sky”, one of only two paintings in the exhibition placed on the glass and not on the inner wall of the space of 7 World Trade Center.
The passion and love for life are expressed by the artist in “Kiss Collection”, created to make a contribution to the charity of the Trussardi Foundation. Bettina has made a series of paintings in which imprints a kiss,
shape of the lips, in the salt. One of these is “I swear your love” – ​​I swear I love living life carriage.
The exhibition ends with the paintings “Ladybugs,” expressing messages of good luck, and with the picture “Bettina Werner”, created by many years ago. “The 7 has always been my magic number, powerful, expressive of movement and direction – said Werner. Contrary to what we may think, I created this work many years ago when I started my artistic adventure in New York because I wanted to make a mark, and now, 20 years after fate brought me here at 7 World Trade Center “.
Bettina Werner’s work can be found on site http://www.bettina-
Il simbolo 7 guida la collezione dell'artista Bettina Werner

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