Berlusconi’s resignation. Please, word to the Americans

The resignation of the Knight are on all sites and newspapers around the world. “Berlusconi has resigned” is the ‘breaking news’ – last-minute news – from the Wall Street Journal. “Silvio Berlusconi resigns, ending an era policy of 17 years” is the breaking news of the New York Times on its website. Even the Financial Times writes: “Silvio Berlusconi has resigned”. NBC, ABC, CNN tell the forefront minute to minute what is happening in Italy and the catastrophic consequences of a case of failure to help the European Union.

Hard successive titles in the New York Times commenting on the resignation of Silvio Berlusconi as well: “Magnetic and divisive, a man for whom politics has always been personal.” And again: “with a clever mix of media domination, glamor and charm of the old party political nature of the seller, Silvio Berlusconi dominated Italy more than anyone since the days of Mussolini.” Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was a brilliant communicator who has told Italians that they wanted to hear, says the New York Times. Since his election, the newspaper continues, “has linked his fate to that of Italy: customizing Italian politics and becoming a brand (the man who made man, manly and clever), has changed the culture Italy’s institutional and policy in ways that will resonate for years. ”
Obama proves to be open to change, without explicit criticism and reminds U.S. citizens: “The change in governments in Greece and Italy are positive because they are steps forward in resolving the crisis.”
It does not seem to follow the trail of optimism U.S. President for the American people, much less that it New York. Will be the fault of the bag, the ‘Indignados’ protesting in front of Wall Street or be guilty of this recession is over, but says that in fact it is not. There are many who think that Europe is on his knees and that he will get up with difficulty and many to be surprised, or frightened by the best Italian and European economic situation. They call themselves happy with the resignation of Berlusconi and the end of an era in Italian politics related parties, scandals, drugs and discrimination against women because of its political television, at the end of a minister who smiles at photographers and journalists showing that all is well and is everything under control. Why only this was for the Americans our prime minister. In a word, a funny clown.
Some New York, in the video below, expresses his opinion on the situation and tells you not aware of the full responsibility of Berlusconi scatafascio in the beautiful country, because: ‘the economic crisis envelops many countries and not only Italy’. Another adds: ‘It’s a disaster and an embarrassment for Europe’ and smiles thinking about the image of Silvio Berlusconi. ‘The resignation of Prime Minister you are definitely a good thing, the leadership of your country needs a guide’. Interesting commentary by another girl who says: ‘Berlusconi appears a man with a lot of fun to go to the party but a horrible leader.’ Others do not know who he is Silvio Berlusconi and what happened on this day due to his resignation, because Italy only remember the spaghetti and pizza. As if it were a dot geographically without power but with the image of good food and charming city that much love from all over America. But Italy was not the seventh largest economy?

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