Christmas gifts are purchased at a discount the night of Thanksgiving

The race started Christmas shopping. It balances well. To kick off the ‘black friday’ – Black Friday, because the next day waiting for the Americans to Thursday’s Thanksgiving.
In Manhattan, as in many other large cities of the United States, Black Friday has opened its doors at midnight. Malls and shops were prepared to work the evening of Thanksgiving Day.

Queues formed outside of shopping centers are often interminable, but convenience is ensured. The merchandise is discounted by 20, 30, 40, sometimes 50 or 60 percent, making it the ideal day to choose a nice Christmas present and save money by taking advantage of the holiday weekend.
Ensure the purchase is not always easy and it takes a little ‘sacrifice for grab’ the affair ‘. Someone to have a nice television discounted at 50 percent has put up at two in the morning hoping not to have to wait outside the door saw the time, someone else got in line at 10 at night to be among the first to enter. Others still await the light Friday morning to go to the ‘shopping center’ choice and wait a day out with blanket, stool, thermos of hot tea, and maybe a book.
For retailers this is one of the most important pre-Christmas days. During the ‘black friday’ of 2011 sales were up 7% and were 11.4 billion dollars spent in total, more than a billion dollars over last year, the highest figure since 2007 as shown by ShopperTrak – U.S. association that analyzes American consumption.
The affluence of consumers in shops of all kinds is also due to the decision of the owners of large shopping centers to anticipate the opening of their exercises the night before, even if this involved the sacrifice of many employees who could not spend the ‘ entire day with his family as in other years.

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