The tram in the sky. A stunning view that takes in Roosevelt Island

A strip of land near Manhattan, happy to save a little oasis’ on rent often unsustainable city. And ‘Roosevelt Island, located between the Big Apple and the Queens, extends from 46th to 85th street for a distance of 3 km.
The island itself is not too interesting, but the recently modernized cable car that connects to the big apple, offers stunning views of Manhattan and the water that surrounded it.

Not for nothing has been described by The New York Times as having the most exciting in NYC. Few tourists are aware, it is mostly used by city employees and you have to move to Roosevelt Island at peak times.
The little journey ‘in air’ lasts about 4 minutes and will cost $ 2.25, $ 4 for the outward and return – the same price of a ticket for the metro.
There are 26 million passengers have used this ‘tram’ modern. Each cabin can hold about 125 people and the sky tram is 115 trips per day. There are only two cabins that slide back and forth starting from the respective stops in Manhattan and Roosevelt Island every 15 minutes from 6 am until 2.30 at night – 3.30 at night on weekends.
The cable car takes you to 59th Street and Second Avenue in Manhattan for the first leg. And if you want to see Roosevelt Island when you arrive at your destination, it can take a minibus with the same color red tram for 25 cents.
In the last part of the route, both in Manhattan and the island is lined with the building of New York City and if the view is breathtaking enough to delight the eye, you can look in different apartments with windows on demand and observe people inside their homes.
The construction of this tram in the sky began in 1976 and is the only one in the USA and Canada. It ‘was built in Switzerland for 5 million dollars, the same cable car today it would cost more than 20.

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